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Open Source Career Day (OSCD) returns for SCaLE 20x on Sunday, March 12th, 2023. SCaLE, in turn, is returning to Pasadena, CA, as before the pandemic.

For many years we had a career and jobs BoF at SCaLE. In 2020 RaiseMe sponsored our first Open Source Career Day. That was just as the pandemic was starting.

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This year SCaLE, the career BoF team and RaiseMe are working together again to bring a full day of career activities in addition to an evening BoF session. Thanks to SCaLE for hosting an Open Source Careers track, encouraging us and giving us the resources to run it.

OSCD has a day of talks on Sunday.

At the same time, OSCD also offers career consulting sessions. Participants can choose resume review, recareering assistance or career guidance for each of their 30 minute consulting sessions. Signups are open now through SCaLE 20x. When signing up, please check all the times you can be available.

For presentations, we start the day with a session on recareering and resume writing. Bryna's bringing us a follow on to a success story bridging SCaLE 18x to this year. Next Miguel leads a panel on diversity successes in FLOSS projects and how we can learn from them for future successes in FLOSS and the workplace.

After lunch Fatima is in from Canada to give us excellent strategies for early career success. We’ll wrap up the presentations with a panel on hiring manager insights discussing what hiring managers are looking for in job applicants and advice on how to advance your career.

OSCD wraps up before SCaLE 20x’s closing keynote from Ken Thompson.

The current plan ( we’re still working out details ) is to host Speed Pitches for the Career BoF. For speed pitches we’ll pair people up and give each 60 seconds to practice their "Tell us about you." prompt for interviews. Then we’ll change partners and go again.

Most of us don’t often give a quick summary of who we are tailored for an interview. Some of us might even need to tailor different pitches, depending on the job we’re after. The Speed Pitches gives everyone a chance to practice their pitches multiple times during the BoF.

The BoF should be at 19:00 Saturday night ( we’re still waiting on confirmation from the BoF committee ).

My next scheduled career events will be Career Nights before Stammtisch and SeaGL's Career Expo in November.

Thanks to Lori and Bryna for co-chairing a great OSCD event at SCaLE 18x. I hope we meet your standards this year.

Thanks to my co-chair, Garick, and the rest of the SCaLE 20x OSCD organizers. Thanks for jumping in to help build a great event! It’s a lot of work, but I think we’re providing a great resource for the community.