SeaGL is coming up next week. The program commmittee accepted two talks from me. One on jq and one on Firefox containers.

The full schedule is now up. SeaGL is a great community run conference my friend Deb introduced me to. We’re remote again this year for our tenth SeaGL. As always, SeaGL is free to attend, and you do not need to register - just show up!

After my jq talk Josh Berkus is giving "The Cloud Native Burrito". As a command line fan I think more in terms of wraps, as in how can I wrap it in some pipes and turn it into a one-liner :). Still, Josh is awesome and it’s certainly an informative talk.

My talk will in fact be about piping things and one-liners. It’s the second talk in my jq trilogy, Intermediate jq: sed for json. The first part was given at SeaGL last year. This year we’ll change json documents as part of the pipeline.

After Josh is Alex on The Fediverse @ Your Library. I spoke about the Fediverse at last year’s SeaGL, so definitely want to see what that talk is about. murph will be giving an excellent brief introduction to the Fediverse on Saturday. I stole some bits from murph’s presentation for my own Fediverse talk, good stuff. We’re going through a bit of an influx on the Fediverse right now, so hopefully there’s lots of interest in the talks.

Uh oh, in the afternoon Josh is competing with me! It turns out he isn’t the only talking about containerization on Friday :). I’ll be talking about Firefox Multi-Account Containers while Josh will be talking about tools FOSS projects can use for elections. No fair, it’s right before a political election. I bet he’ll have all kinds of dark money for advertising his talk!


Seriously, it’s a great topic and I enjoyed the bit I got to see when we were at SCaLE ( SCaLE 20x cfp is open now ). If you’ve seen the whole thing before, perhaps try my talk about containerization in Firefox.

TeaGL is right before our afternoon talks. I’m looking forward to that. It’s our afternoon tea social event. Brew a cuppa and join the conversation. One advantage to being fully remote this year is it doesn’t take much time to get from TeaGL to my talk.

Speaking of Deb from earlier, she has two talks this year, Cross-Pollinate Your Volunteering and Grow Your FOSS Project with this One Weird Trick. The latter is the same time as murph’s #Fediverse talk. So many great options!

Hope to see you at SeaGL!