This week I really felt like I didn’t get anything done. I was not working for more than half of the week because I spent a couple days out sick. Passed out sick. Testing for covid was negative, but even so, not-covid was unpleasant.

During the nothing was done week I:

  • translated two talks to German ( still need to incorporate improvements from a friend who proofread them for me )

  • created and gave a new talk showcasing tech podcasts

  • led an organizing meeting for SeaGL

  • contacted several potential sponsors for SeaGL

  • picked up a couple sponsors ( but still need to add them to the site )

  • converted this content from paragraph to list in the middle because it was getting long :)

  • ran a local group meeting

  • cleaned my physical desk

  • hosted a local Stammtisch ( virtual, so I didn’t expose anyone )

  • hosted an intercontinental Stammtisch ( also virtual because intercontinental )

I also managed to continue not feeling well, much better, but not yet unbad. Life is blurry. All while needing to debug, then remove a pool pump while living in a data center. The latter was the industrial water mitigation fans running for most of a week after a plumbing leak.

If you’re reading this, I also managed to finally write another blog entry :) If you’re not reading it, maybe I deleted it.

I did have a half-day, but I’d only half recovered, so spent my afternoon time off time mostly sleeping. There was also a holiday, so overall not much dayjob in the last week. I’m lucky I could take sick days without repercussions.

When I wasn’t sleeping or too foggy to think or in family time I was too busy getting things done to see getting things done. I sometimes notice 2bgtd2cgtd when I’m really productive. It was interesting to have a week of fog, then look back an realize I actually did get some stuff done.

It wasn’t much ( and I know plenty of people who get lots more done for the FLOSS community ), but it was way more than the nothing it felt like. It was a good reminder to be greatful to everyone in the FLOSS community for their efforts! Thank y’all, keep being fantastic!

Gonna go enjoy one of the podcasts I mentioned in my talk and embrace the fog of naptime. Have a great local time of day!