I have two talks for LinuxFest Northwest (LFNW)'s virtual conference this weekend.

Although we’re not going to Bellingham this this time around, I’m glad for the opportunity to participate in LFNW. LFNW was my first conference cancelled due to the pandemic.

I’m finally able to give my Fediverse talk that had been accepted for that 2020 event. It’s changed a bit in the intervening couple years :). The Fediverse talk is Saturday at 15:00 Pacific time ( UTC-7 ).

LFNW is using BigBlueButton, which is my preferred video-conferencing platform for giving presentations. I build PDFs from AsciiDoc and BBB can load PDFs to the server via the presenter console.

LFNW also accepted my Intro to jq talk, which is about filtering/searching JSON documents on the command line. That’s Sunday at 15:00 Pacific.

I didn’t propose my 2020 uMatrix talk again. That’s the other talk that had been accepted in 2020. I still love uMatrix, but it hasn’t been supported for years, so I’m less enthusiastic about suggesting it for others.

Raymond still supports uBlock Origin which is a popular and capable privacy add-on. It’s just not sufficiently customizable to me. Thanks to Raymond for some great browser add-ons.

I set up a GetTogether LFNW event, but it just has my two presentations.

Check the LFNW schedule for some other great presentations. I enjoyed attending LFNW before and am looking forward to this year.

Thanks also to LFNW for the help they’ve given to SeaGL over the years. It’s great to see events cooperating like that.