Here are some other #FLOSSconf updates for this week.


FOSSASIA is going on now. I really enjoyed the conference last year and am glad I can attend this year since it’s in BigBlueButton as well as streaming.

Some of the FOSSASIA talks:

  • Panel - Code Without Barriers: Addressing the Gender Gap in Tech

  • Keynote: Five Things You Can Do To Make It Easier For Companies To Adopt And Support Your Project from Duane O’Brien at Indeed

  • Panel: Careers in Open Source

  • Common Voice: Making Voice Recognition Open & Accessible to Everyone from Robert Reyes at Mozilla

  • The Evolution of Linux I/O Models: A Path towards IO_uring from Steven Cheng, student

  • Brief History of Linux CPU Scheduler from Huichun Feng, Student

  • Panel: When Open Science meets Open Source

25 years of GNOME. GUADEC, GNOME’s annual conference, has a cfp open until Friday, the 8th. The conference is in person in Guadalajara, Mexico, from July 20th through 25th.

SeaGL meets in jitsi every other Tuesday at 17:00 Pacific time to plan for November’s conference. Hop in our Matrix or IRC room, ping us on Mastodon, or see the call for participation on the


FOSS North is April 20-21, virtual in Europe

LinuxFest Northwest is April 22nd - 24th using BigBlueButton. Registration is open. A few talks have been announced. Full schedule should be up any day now.

Some LFNW talks:

  • It takes a Village - Role Diversity in Open Source from Silona Bonewald

  • Qemu Demistified from Florian Wagner

  • What should I know about secure boot and TEEs? from Marta Rybczynska

  • How To Get a Free Computer Education from John Maddog Hall

  • Making dollars and sens of free softwares funding’s future from Salt of SeaGL

  • AlmaLinux - Open Source year one from jackfoundation

Grazer LinuxTage is virtual April 22nd and 23rd in Austria.

  • Memorial for Sven Guckes

  • 10 Jahre Open Data in Österreich from Brigitte Lutz

  • Vim for Everyone fromm Christoph Lipautz

  • Fooling AI Into Believing Turtles are Weapons from Johannes

  • Alles Blender! from Dorian Santner

Linux App Summit from KDE and GNOME is April 29th and 30th, it’s virtual on European time.

Red Hat Summit is May 10th and 11th.